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Force Fields: Art, Architecture and Audience 

We are making a book of photographs and essays celebrating the inaugural Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial – KCAT. You can pre-order your copy right now - over at Pozible - in our crowdfunding campaign. Only $40 ($10 post or collect at the launch). Click here to order.

About the Book

Force Fields: Art, Architecture and Audience extends on the physical event of KCAT that occurred from 14 – 22 April, 2018. It documents and archives the development and presentation of the artworks, performances and additional experiences, as well as the overall energy and significance of the event and its evolution. It offers an opportunity to contribute to the discourse around the nature of multi-site exhibitions – often simply, and reductively, referred to as the ‘biennale model’ – from a particularly Australian perspective, with a regional flavour.

Featuring an introduction by Andrew Frost (writer, critic with The Guardian, tv presenter) | Essays providing an insight into the conception, development and delivery of KCAT by founding committee members Jess Bridgfoot, Clare Needham and Kent Wilson | Colour photographs from a variety of photographers | Additional texts about artists' practice and process | Designed by Hope Lumsden-Barry, Ryley Lawson and Dennis Grauel.

By pre-ordering your copy of the book, you too are helping to bring the outstanding work of the artists involved to a wider audience. Your contribution is not only bringing a great book to your bookshelf, it helps to ensure the production of the book for others as well. Your pre-order makes you part of the dynamic and vast network of people who have worked together to bring carefully-researched, highly-evocative artwork into the world for inspiration and enjoyment. Your support also acknowledges the importance of creative projects generated from within, for and about regional communities.

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