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Chee Yong

Chee Yong is an interdisciplinary visual artist interested in the ambiguities of mark making in abstract and representative paintings. In his latest series of miniature paintings, Ghosts, he presents social histories, self-identity and current cultural philosophies with formal austerity and an economy of marks.

The Ghosts series is small in scale, encouraging viewers to draw in close to see the paintings. This way of looking reminds the viewer’s body of studying details in things, and evokes a sense of connection and intimacy. Yong’s work references traditional Chinese painting while utilising a contemporary expressionist flavour. The paintings blur the boundary between abstraction and figuration, making you consider the nature of identity and memory. Emerging from a swirling and dynamic flurry of painted motion, the human face appears to hover on the edge of recognition, as if these are poorly recalled memories or images of people with unclear and unformed senses of self.

Yong lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania.


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Photo by Lee Sandwith

Photo by Lee Sandwith

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