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David Attwood

"Does a clown’s shit smell funny?

Within a humanistic framework, they say that shit is thought of as disgusting, abhorrent and uncouth, because, like porn, it reminds humankind of its inescapable animal nature. It reminds you of your animalness.

What happens to mascots when they die?

The shit costume is an obvious disguise, I know. It’s actually me in there, beneath the brown, meandering aimlessly, self-promoting, self-effacing, both there and not there, a walking smiling waving Artist’s shit. A mascot without obvious motive or campaign. And with what to do all day -don’t you have a job? Oh to be an animal!

These days even our most intimate selves, formerly kept offstage, are subject to the hypervisibility and omnipresence of capital. I remember Guy Debord said a while back that there remains nothing, in culture or in nature, that hasn’t been transformed and polluted according to the means and interests of modern industry. One can’t shit on company time anymore: Alas it’s all company time.

Oh and why does the poop emoji have eyes and a mouth? Emoji is Japanese for picture-character. It’s resemblance to emotion is purely coincidental. My guess is that the face makes shit more palatable, more kitsch. Kitsch makes shit bearable: It excludes from its purview the obscenities of being human.

You can’t polish a turd, but you can put a bow tie on it.”


David Attwood's practice includes sculpture, photography, text, interventions in public space and exhibition-making. His work is broadly concerned with satirising the themes and attributes generally understood to be virtuous – such as skill, hard work, originality, wealth and decorum. Often comical, Attwood's work looks to destabilise dominant value systems.

Originally from Perth, Attwood is now based in Melbourne.

Photo by Vin Ryan

Photo by Vin Ryan

Photo by Vin Ryan

Photo by Vin Ryan