Kyneton Contemporary Inc

Make or Break

Site: 51 Mollison St (and various locations around Kyneton)

“In Australia, there are more statues of animals and oversized fruit than there are memorials to (or about) women, and only a tiny fraction of public statues in Australia honour non-fictional, non-royal women: the vast majority honour dead, white men. We want to imagine a Kyneton where this imbalance is reversed.”

Make or Break asked female-identifying residents and visitors to Kyneton to propose public monuments for the town, via a short paper survey. These ideas will be compiled into a book and gifted to the town library, alongside a series of live unveiling ceremonies that took place in secret locations around town during KCAT. Live performances left from Make or Break HQ twice a day, every Saturday and Sunday of KCAT.

Make or Break is a collaboration between artists Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo that began in 2015. Make or Break has worked across gallery, institution, festival and nightclub contexts to produce a range of process-based art projects. These have included creating experimental economies that address precarity and privilege; using galleries as live work spaces; performing personal admin for an audience; co-writing texts; circulating fictional currencies; making books; celebrating the invisible labour of strangers; and facilitating conversations and workshops as alternatives to traditional forms of research. Make or Break is passionate about exposing the role and visibility of labour, process and the artist/audience relationship in ways that question and challenge the social and political systems that surround us.


Kyneton Contemporary Inc gratefully acknowledges the support of Create NSW for making this project possible.

We also acknowledge the support of Genevieve Wearne at Flophouse for artist research support; and Bryan Law for enabling this project to be presented.

Photo by Lee Sandwith

Photo by Lee Sandwith

Photo by Lee Sandwith

Photo by Lee Sandwith

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