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Sarah Rudledge

Site: Kyneton Motel

Sarah Rudledge undertook research runs – jogging around town to learn more about its layout, geography and cultural life. Her video work Kyneton 6m50sec is a voyeuristic journey through a collection of the town’s public and private environments at a jogger’s pace. She uses her running body to connect domestic, commercial, civic and green spaces as a way of creating a pulsating, textured portrait of the town.

Rudledge’s work evokes questions about how we pay attention to the world around us and how our physical condition and state may influence that. She organised Run Kyneton, a series of different running events that audiences participated in. They commenced at the Kyneton Motel and made their way through different pathways around Kyneton. These runs invited participants to explore the sensory and perceptual experience of running and question whether this altered state – heart racing, air on our skin, changing ground beneath our feet – can enable us to connect with our surroundings on a different level. This was explored through jogs that visit the works of the KCAT artists, where runners arrived physically warmed up at each site to consider what this sweaty state of alertness brings to an encounter with art.

Sarah Rudledge’s practice is grounded in performance, video and participatory events which investigate the experience of texture and touch in the urban environment. In her current work she use physical activities, such as running, to engage with the uneven ground, liveliness and friction of townscapes. She seeks out tactile conversations as a way to bring new sensory knowledge of a place into the body. In her work, a whole-body negotiation allows time to contemplate the therapeutic value of living in a textured world. Acting as an antidote to the smoothing out of the world’s surfaces that we’ve become accustomed to through digital technology and urban planning, it resists the potential to affect a flattening of our own internal worlds.

Rudledge lives and works in Reservoir, Victoria.


Kyneton Contemporary Inc acknowledges the support of Creative Victoria, Kyneton Motel and Watts Fresh in making this project possible.

Photo by Ian Hill

Photo by Ian Hill

Photo by Vin Ryan

Photo by Vin Ryan

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