Emily Parsons-Lord, 'Rubbernecking (the last gasps from underfoot)', 2018, Commissioned by Performance Space for Sydney Contemporary 2018, Photograph: Jacquie Manning 1 of 2
Emily Parsons-Lord, 'A raging event of continual noise (the Sun)', 2018, Commissioned by 4a. Photograph: Document Photography 2 of 2

Emily Parsons-Lord makes ephemeral installations and performances that are informed by research and critical dialogue with climate sciences, natural history, and politics. Her work attempts to reconcile lofty vast infinities of our place in time and space, and the slippages to the political realities of being a human today in discourses of climate change. Employing tragi-humour, scale and performance, Emily interrogates the materiality of invisibility, magic and stories we tell about reality.