Hannah Brontë, 'Love letter to my grief' (2019). Photographer: Mia forest. Editing: Hannah Brontë. 1 of 1

Hannah Brontë’s art practice draws on the natural environment, and the empowerment of Indigenous, Black and Brown women, and spans photography, textiles and video.

Hannah BrontëPlease take 3 deep breathes before reading on …

The work is titled ‘Miss Eupnea - exhale’ and explores intuition and breath. Eupnea loosely is the mode of breathing that occurs when we rest or are in a rest state. Not necessarily asleep but calm and slow. We are no longer making effort or consciously thinking of our breath. We simply breathe!

Currently in the world, on average, most people have an attention span of 4.1 seconds. Our limited attention spans can also relate to us staying in a state of shallow breathing or panic. Constant panic, upheaval and unrest are the current global rhythm. Shallow breathing simply means using our upper chambers within our lungs rather than our entire lungs. Less oxygen to the brain and body. This can affect decision making, emotional state, our blood pressure and, over time, our psyche.

This work is looking at intuition and breathing. How are they linked? My perspective which I hope will expand like my lungs over this project is — that when we can breathe calmly and feel settled for extended periods of time it opens our mind to higher frequencies, the ability to plan / be present / look outward / look forward / inward and the ability to tune into the natural rhythm of our environment.