Simone Slee, 'Tors happy to help – gravity is less over granite', 2022 three-channel video installation continuous loop 1 of 1

Inspired by the granite boulders on the lands of the Taungurung people, Black Hill near Kyneton, Tors happy to help – gravity is less over granite draws on the uncanny characteristics of these 370 million year old granite tors. Poised on ledges, gravity is less over granite. This new video installation continues Simone Slee’s ongoing sculptural investigation into notions of gravity, time and the physiological sense of stability – questioning our underlying assumptions of what holds things together.

This project is made in collaboration with the Black Hill granite tors with cinematographic support from Max Davis. It has also been generously supported by VCA Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne where Simone Slee is Head of VCA Art.